Studying with English Etcetera couldn’t have been a better experience. Mary is fun, caring and very intelligent and isn’t only a teacher, but also a friend!
(Rafael Brambilla, ESE)

Studying with Mary at English Etcetera was a fantastic experience. Not only did I learn the right language for business but also up-to-the-minute slang and colloquial language which has greatly helped me to adapt to the experience of living and working in the UK.

(Ralph Weichelt, London & Capital)

I had English lessons with English Etcetera for a year while working at Dresdner Kleinwort IB. Mary really helped me improve both my listening and speaking skills. Above all, she helped me become more confident which I think is essential when learning a language. Plus, she’s a very nice person!

(Karim Sadli, West LB)

I’ve been studying English all my life but when I moved to London I still didn’t feel very confident when speaking with English natives. This course has helped me to learn “real” English that I can use in my day to day life, and all in a fun and friendly environment.

(Beatriz Tapia Ortega, Société Generale)

The English Etcetera lesson doesn’t seem like a typical ‘school’ lesson. I benefit greatly through Mary’s flexible style, because I can focus more on speaking and listening. Also her fluent Japanese helps me understand how to use terms properly.

(Yoko Yasui, housewife, London)